Symptoms of Nystagmus | Causes & Types

Symptoms of Nystagmus include any of a set of abnormal Eye Movements, in which one or both eyes start a rapid, unwanted and uncontrolled movement. These irregular movements could be top-down (vertical), sideways (horizontal), circular (Rotary) position or a may well be a combination of all. Such eye conditions are also commonly referred to as dancing eyes or involuntary eye movements.

Nystagmus is often infantile and presents at birth or early infancy. Clinically, it is characterised by involuntary movements of one or both eyes. Data generated in India suggests that one child out of several thousand can have congenital Nystagmus.

Causes & Types:

At kids eye Consult, we receive a string of patients every week, mostly kids and we find the following as the lead causes of nystagmus

Congenital Nystagmus. A condition when a baby is diagnosed right at birth or soon after with any or a combination of symptomatic eye movement irregularities.

Manifest Nystagmus: This is present at all times

Latent Nystagmus: This occurs when one of the patient’s eye is covered.

Acquired nystagmus: This can happen anytime because of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, brain tumours, diabetic neuropathy, neurological Trauma, head injury or sudden exposure to powerful flashlights.

Unless not induced by trauma or disease, nystagmus almost always is caused by neurological problems. The two basic types of nystagmus are:

 Eye-related (Optokinetic)

 inner Ear-related (Vestibula)

Diagnosis: Our qualified ophthalmologists at Kids Eye Consult will minutely exam your child’s eyes for the exact nature of nystagmus. After full clinical evaluation, we then determine the most suitable treatment plan in consultation with patients or their caretakers /parents. We will test your vision and look for any associated eye problems using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. If you or any of known has any such symptom, then Visit us. We are there any time at your service.

You may book your appointment online or drop directly at our Ambala clinic. Call 98962-59777

Treatment: Currently Several Treatments for nystagmus are available that include medical, optical or surgical interventions. In all cases, the goal of treatment is to reduce visual symptoms like for instance blurred vision, oscillopsia. Any treatment will be more effective with better monitoring. Hence make sure you undergo regular eye exams so you can be checked for vision issues and any associated health issues.

Our Line of treatment varies from case to case based on presentation and type of Nystagmus that you present. All options are thoughtfully considered and transparently shared with the patient caretakers. Our focus remains to lay bare the exact causes and accordingly tweak your treatment plan. Patients with nystagmus can have reduced vision and may require glasses.

Surgical interventions, if required, usually reduces the null positions, lessening head tilt or circular movements. They are also aimed at relaxing muscles and improving cosmetic appearance as well.

As part of the modern day treatment, certain drugs can also help reduce some involuntary seesaw moments. Special glasses, Contact lenses and Low vision aids make up part of the treatment options, where necessary.

At Kids Eye Consult, Our goal of treatment focuses on reducing a patient ’s visual symptoms like blurred vision, oscillopsia. This by decreasing the speed of slow nystagmus phases or by suppressing saccadic oscillations. Preference is accorded to treatments that reduce the abnormal eye movements without affecting regular eye movements.

Social challenges and Medical Implications: Nystagmus can adversely affect otherwise routine aspects of a patients life. His or her demeanour, social behaviour and how he or she relates to other people in public places etc. It can also be detrimental on his/her educational and work prospects and even lowers self-belief & confidence of such patients.

Research-driven Modern ophthalmic care is continuously exploring better cure methods of Nystagmus. So don’t lose hope, as we at Kids eye consult are fully equipped, experienced and competent to handle your problems to your total satisfaction.

Allow us to help you for a bright future of your child.

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