Squint or Strabismus & Lazy eye

What is it?
squint or Strabismus as is medically called is a visible eye abnormality. Here a patient’s Eyes appear not looking in the same direction or NOT Seeing in a coordinated manner. 

Put simply, in a Squint condition, while a patients eye aims to focus on a particular object, the other eye doesn’t seemingly go along the same looking path. The eyes, neck and even head alignment is at times confusing and may go in opposite directions. The eyeballs could appear looking outwardly or inwardly and in other cases upwardly / downwardly.

Remember the Squint (Strabismus or tropia ) is not just an appearance problem but could very well affect a child’s vision. Squint is a common occurrence and affects about 4% of the population; for which an effective and definitive treatment is possible which is medically safe.

Early detection holds the key. Squints generally occur in childhood or at birth but it can develop at any age. So a child’s regular ophthalmic screening of eye is a must, where adults could consult an ophthalmologist on a need basis. Early treatment before your child reaches the age of one is possible and medically safe.

If you notice, any symptoms like unusual eye turn, Crossed eyes, deviating eye, wall-eyes, wandering eyes, promptly consult KIDS EYE CONSULT. You need expert eye specialist supported by modern computer-aided machines to diagnose all kinds of squints; we have them entirely at your service. Sometimes what appears to be squint could be a Pseudo squint or an asymmetry of facial features. This can alone be detected by a specialist ophthalmologist that we have at our eye care centre.

Right diagnosis by the Right Specialist leads to Correct and best Treatment. Remember, besides the medical abnormality, Squints also have possible psychological effects on a child’s mind & emotions. Hence the treatment goes beyond the medical needs. The good news is that we cover it fully at Kids eye Consult.

Treatment: Squints are of various types. Each type has its different causes, symptoms, presentations and appropriate treatment plan. Also, not all cases of Squint or Tropia require surgery. Often a simple prescribed glass or doing a specific set of regular eye exercises can prove quite useful. In both cases though, only a qualified, experienced eye specialist should be consulted.
If not diagnosed and treated in time, squints can also progress into a condition called LAZY EYE and trigger permanent damage to vision. Amblyopia, as it is also called, requires medical attention for Vision correction and recovery. Early treatment ensures better outcomes regarding binocular status as well.

At kids Eye Consult, we put our best efforts and professional skill to ensure that patients binocular and 3D vision can develop as much as medically possible. Squint correction and treatment may include:
• Prescribed Glasses: This to correct specific vision disorders, particularly long-sight.
• Occlusion: which is patching the ‘good eye’ to encourage the ‘weaker eye’ to be more active. Such a procedure is usually done under the supervision of an orthoptist.
• Surgery: If at all required, Squint surgery is a safe and effective method of treatment.
Please note that we treat squints of all kinds and all age groups. We have the services of best Paediatric ophthalmologist and eye surgeons trained exclusively to professionally manage the conditions of SQUINT (Strabismus) and LAZY EYE (Amblyopia).

Prevention: if any of your family members has squint symptoms, it is advisable to get your family kids checked. Generally speaking, squints don’t transmit genetically. The treatment is safe, effective and manageable, provided a right qualified and experienced ophthalmologist treats your patient
It is also advisable to take a child for routine ophthalmic care screening at the age of 6 months and then once a year till age 5. KIDS EYE CONSULT conducts a complete and detailed eye examination of your child to diagnose any existing or potential eye disease. Our paediatric ophthalmology is fully equipped with the latest equipment & child eye specialists to seamlessly diagnoses & corrects any eye disorders at an affordable cost.
Medical Implications and risk of social rejection: Squints or Tropia hold the chance of lowering a child’s confidence and self-esteem. It can thus adversely affect his/her education and entire future. So a quick acceptance of such a disorder by parents and caretakers helps the patient ’s cause. The earlier you come for a check-up, the better. It won’t serve any interest to hold back and hope it will self-correct. Wilful delays could be fatal for the vision of squint patents and may damage their vision permanently.
Visit us with all cases of Squints, lazy eye and Tropia, and we will return you with a smile!

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