Ptosis – Overview & Symptoms | Diagnosis & Treatment

Overview & Symptoms:
Ptosis refers to an eye problem, where the upper lid of a patient’s eye droops because of some eye disease, paralysis or injury. The upper lid may droop slightly or severely to the point that it covers the whole of the pupil – the central part of your eye. If left untreated, Ptosis can limit or even completely block a patient’s ability to see.

Ptosis can happen at any age but is also present in kids. Many are born itself with this eye problem – Congenital Ptosis. When it occurs in later years of life, it is referred to as Acquired Ptosis.

If it affects one eye, then it is called unilateral ptosis, And when both eyes get affected, it is referred to as Bilateral Ptosis. Ptosis may come and go but can be a permanent eye disorder as well. In case of higher severity, it can lead to Lazy eye.

Causes: Several reasons either natural or medical could lead to Ptosis. Neurological problems that affect nerves and tend to weaken your eye muscles are in most cases the principal cause. However dangerous medical conditions and diseases such as cancer of the nervous system or tissues, stroke, diabetes or a brain disease could also cause Ptosis. The best & simplest method to determine your cause of Ptosis is consulting your eye specialist.

Diagnosis: If you notice in a mirror that your eyes look sleepy or you feel eye fatigue, and maybe your upper lid is sagging a bit, it could well be Ptosis. Do not panic as It is treatable. We make dozens of such diagnosis at our eye centre, and patients are fully cured.

Take an appointment either online or directly drop into our clinic at Ambala. Ptosis is generally not painful, but it can easily block your vision. Hence, make it a point that you don’t ignore it and skip the crucial diagnosis. Our experienced doctors will conduct a full examination of your eye and perform necessary tests for Ptosis.

Treatment: Once a correct diagnosis is made, your proper treatment procedure follows. The surgical process requires tightening the muscles of the affected eyelid. In some cases, a patient’s eyebrows are surgically lifted and made to hold firm. Given the experience and expertise at that, we have developed at kidsEyeConsult; our Surgery procedures generate expected results for the ptosis patient, improving both vision and appearance.

Surgery in most cases is advisable after the age of four years. However, it may be warranted earlier in some instances, which is decided only after proper case evaluation.

Surgery is not the only treatment. We also recommended special glasses in some instances of Ptosis. A patient can wear such glasses with a built-in supporting crutch. Prescribed Lenses may also be advised if a patient is not found fit for surgery on account of some other medical condition.

Besides, if any other reason is found to cause your ptosis, then the treatment line shifts to treat the root cause, and that automatically cures your Ptosis condition.

In all cases though, it is the experience, competence and skill of doctors combined with hospital facilities that count. We have the best team combination of professional clinicians and surgeons to make your treatment journey a delightful moment to remember and cherish.

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