Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology | Diagnosis & Treatment

It is a sub speciality in modern-day ophthalmology that deals with the systemic disorders between the eyes, optic nerve and the brain. At Kids eye consult, we have Eye specialists, who are exclusively qualified to diagnose and treat visual problems that present in the eye socket, optic nerve, muscles or brain. Our lead doctor Dr. Amit Gupta has received advanced training in this sub-domain and has been tendering his expert services for many years now. He has trained many young doctors under his supervision in neuro-ophthalmology. He handles brain originated nervous system problems, eye muscle controls that can adversely affect a child’s vision partially or permanently.

Neuro-Ophthalmic Conditions that we regularly treat at kids Eye Consult:
We cover a broad range of eye diseases that come under the ambit of Neuro-Ophthalmic sub speciality. If a child or an adult patient develops any of the indicated Symptoms, you should visit us immediately for an in-time treatment; before it gets out of hand. Lead symptoms may include :

  •  Unusual Eye moments
  •  Optic nerve diseases
  •  Unequal size of Pupil in eyes
  •  Delayed vision progress
  •  Eye Drooping or Ptosis
  •  A brain tumour related vision loss
  •  Unexplained vision loss or gradual degeneration of eyesight
  •  Uncontrolled muscle spasm in eyelids or face
  •  Double vision
  •  Thyroid eye disease

Important to note here that babies or young children themselves will not be able to communicate such symptomatic conditions or share their unease arising out of these neuro disorders. So as parents, if you notice such symptoms or suspect any unusual neurological behaviours in your child – You should contact us right away at Kids eye Consult.

A thorough and careful examination of your child is of critical importance for a valid and correct diagnosis in any paediatric Neuro-Eye Disease. With their extensive clinical expertise, our doctors discuss your case with specialist physicians, gather their expert inputs to help map the exact cause. They will further patiently study the medical history of the child and consider all medical reports of the past. They use sophisticated optical and brain imaging techniques to supplement final clinical conclusions. Consequently, they determine the most suitable & personalised treatment plan for your child in light of all key observations, interdisciplinary medical opinions and test (report) findings.

Based on the investigations, expert opinions and clinical assessments you may be put on Prescribed Medication, advised Visual therapy aids, given Specially fitted eyeglasses like prism lenses or encouraged to go for a minimally invasive laser or Traditional surgery

Many of the surgical procedures are done in an outpatient setting, without an overnight stay. The treatment Success ratio is impressive. Treatment range at kids eye consult covers vision restoration, vision-loss reduction, better muscle and nerve control, visual therapy, and visual aids for vision enhancement. Importantly, children vision recovery is better than adults with similar illnesses. For any related query or immediate consultation, please call us at 98962-59777 or mail us at

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